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Residential Home and Supporting Care Provider


“With the current lockdown we decided to do something a bit more innovative and different to encourage positive well-being into our service.”


Animal therapy or animal assisted therapy, refers to various services using animals to help people with specific physical or mental health conditions.


The goal of animal assisted therapy is to alleviate or help people cope with some symptoms of various conditions where possible. Such as relaxation or anxiety. Animal therapy builds on a concept called human-animal bond, which describes people’s desires to interact with and relate to animals. For many people, by interacting with an animal they can form a bond which can produce a calming influence.

The duckling hatching experience was carried out at 36 Park Drive Harrow during a time that the residents were approaching the ending of an isolation period, due to some individuals testing positive to the Covid-19 virus. The mood in the service during this time was generally low and staff morale depleted.

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