Tom's story

I am a man in my early thirties. I grew up within the comfort of my family home in Acton, London with my Mother and Father . I am the only child in my family. I went to university for one year but I decided to leave as I had trouble focusing. I worked for a while in an office. I moved out of my parents home to live in an apartment above the bar that I worked in. I became addicted to alchohol . I spent most of my money on alcohol and was unable to support myself independently. I was sectioned by Social Services in 2007 which led to my being hospitalised for 3 months.

After hospital, I moved back home and did not work for two years. I was sectioned again in in 2009 and I was evicted by my parents during hospitalisation. I was placed In a supported living residential care home. I was supported by the staff who managed the home. Due to some clashes of personality with some of the other people living there I didnt feel safe and happy. In 2011 I took a Voluntary section for 5 weeks. There was still staff around 24 hours a day, 7 days a week . I then looked for a different supported living residential home and I decided to move to Whitehall Road in Harrow. While living in Whitehall I have significantly inproved my skills so after careful assessment the decision was made to move to a less supported living accommodation within Care Assist – Lynton Road.

I moved to Lynton in January 2013 and really enjoying living here. I like having my own room and TV area and making my own decisions and choices. I share the house with a bunch of people from different backgrounds and they all are cool. I have built a good relationship with my house mates as we have similar interests for instance we go to the cinema and for meals in the local community and I feel I can approach staff with any concerns I have.

I have a good sense of humour and feel comfortable to be myself and to express my feelings to staff here. I also enjoy my own company and like to spend time alone listening to music. I have a very good relationship with my parents. I have a lot of skills that I want to develop. With staff support I was able to gain more of my independence, I was encouraged to try new things. I have some ideas of things I would like to achieve firstly I am working on things that will build my self esteem and to manage my alchohol addiction. I do get good support from my parents with my food shopping, etc and I prefer them to keep my money at this stage of my recovery. I haven’t had a drink for nearly a year, since moving to Care Assist.

I am feeling positive about the future and planning to stop smoking. I have chosen to go back to college and try different activities to keep me healthy I just need encouragement as I sometimes feel indecisive and anxious.