Raymond's story

My name is Raymond Hays. I was born on 11 April 1958 into an Irish Republican Socialist working class family. I was diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder; severe anxiety and elements of personality disorder.

I have one half-sister from my mother`s first marriage, she was born in 1950 and she suffers from bipolar disorder. My education was severely disrupted by psychological problems from an early age and discontinued altogether at the age of fourteen. However, I had individual tuition provided by the local authority, enabling me to acquire nine of `o` levels. I have a younger brother who immigrated to the United States of America in 1983 and a younger sister who lives in Hertfordshire with her husband and her two teenage children.

My mother died in October 2009. She was divorced from my father in 1973. I was first admitted to a psychiatric unit in 1973,since then I have had above twenty-five admissions the last one being Rosedale Court for four years before coming to Kings Road.

Prior to moving I visited King Road and liked the home however the thought of moving was very nerve racking for me and I had to wait a long time before I was given the go ahead to move. I would call the service several times to find out if I could still move in. After waiting for several weeks I was informed that I could now move to Kings Road this made me even more nervous because of my experience with different placement that I had before.