Michael's story

I am a 27 year old man, who is very sensitive, friendly and I care a lot about people and animals. I grew up in London and am half Spanish. My mother and mother’s partner are service users so there was a difficult family environment. Whilst living with my family I was physically and emotionally abused by my elder brother, who is also a service user.

I have been diagnosed as having Paranoid Schizophrenia. I have a past history of being non concordant with medication, believing it is not helping me. I am very preoccupied about my physical appearance and have high levels of anxiety as well as OCD. I am underweight and am trying to eat more.

I suffer from low confidence and frequently feel scared going out in the community, preferring to be accompanied by staff. I am often reluctant to participate in any activities in the community.

I am a gentle person who likes approval and reassurance from others, particularly when completing tasks or accessing the community.

I enjoy laughing and chatting with my friends and people I trust. In social situations I can be suggestible and vulnerable.