Jeff's story

I am sixty years old gentlemen. I grew up within the comfort of my family home in Armenia, with my Mother, Father and brother Raymond. After secondary school where I believe I was raped I had to come to UK. I attended boarding school for 8 years. Then I worked in the shop.

About 30 years ago I started feeling worse, developed hallucinations and was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. I still lived with my mother who was my main carer. However, my mother passed away I was no longer able to stay at home as my needs increased and my brother couldn’t meet them but also I was unable to support myself independently. I was so unhappy that I drunk acid trying to end my life but fortunately for me I recovered. have limited memory and unfortunately do not remember recent events but still remember some of my past and memories make me unhappy. Social Services placed me with Care Assist, Whitehall a residential care home. Due to my believes that I was raped Social Services request Care Assist to be very careful about how many males in the house and to avoid me to have a male key-enabler as I can get upset and distressed.

There was still staff around 24 hours a day, 7 days a week . Saff of Care Assist started to work with me, they realised that I had a lot of skills that I had previously not used, with their support I was able re-gain my independence as I was encouraged to try new things.

I attend college once a week and yoga class on a weekly basis and realised life is not bad as I thought it was. I am enjoying living in Whitehall, having my own room and TV area and making my own decisions and choices. I share the house with a good people who respects me but who also appreciate the fact that

I enjoy my own company and like to spend time alone. I have had some wonderful experiences since living here which includes a trip to the cental London, sea side several London shows but also having the opportunity to get to know people who live and work in my area.