Andy's story

I am a man in my mid-fifties. I was born in Pakistan in a family of five, my sister, my brother, my Mother and Father and myself. My mother died in 1977 at the age of 51 from an asthma related condition and later my father died of a heart attack in1986 at the age of 60.

Due to my dad’s job we all moved to the UK in 1969 and settled in Cranford, Middlesex. I attended school there until sixth form. I worked as a machinist until 1985 when I became more involved in the Muslim religious groups and began preaching the teaching of Islam. I returned to Pakistan for four months and came back to the UK in 1986. During my stay in Pakistan, I got married but my wife did not return with me to England and we both lost contact since then. On my return, I moved into the family home and lived with my brother as my sister was now married and living with her husband by this time. It was a very difficult time for me and my brother and we both began to withdraw from the outside world, we did not engage in any services or claim any benefits. Then in 1990, we were evicted from the home due to non-payments of rent and were placed in a bed and breakfast. In 1991, I started living in the Central Mosque in Southall, where I received food but did not claim benefits. My physical and mental health began deteriorating and I became socially isolated and malnourished.

I was in a residential home from 1998-2001 when my sister came and took me and my brother with her to Walsall after she left her husband. I returned to London in 2003 at the request of my sister after booking me into a guest house during which time a debt of £6000 occurred and that’s when my sister contacted the social services. I had a CPA meeting in 2004 where it was then stated that I was not capable of living independently. According to my psychiatric history, I have been in and out of admission several times until 2004 when I was transferred to Lakeside Mental Health. A placement assessment took place in August 2011 and I was referred to Care Assist where I was placed in one of their houses in Whitehall Road.

I am enjoying living at Whitehall, having my own spacious room with a nice view through the windows. I have my own en-suite bathroom and a flat screen television in my room. There is also a big lounge area where we have another big screen television for everyone and an open kitchen where I can improve on my cooking skills. I like the two beautiful spacious gardens on both sides in the back of the house where we can do BBQ and relax when the weather is good.