Philosophy of Care

We value each person as an individual, and as part of a team, deliver the highest level of service user care which respects individuality, privacy, dignity in a safe homely setting.

We strive to enable people to shape their own futures according to their abilities, interests and aptitudes in order to maximise their independence, to accept personal responsibility, and to respect others, whatever their level of ability might be.

Care Assist has adopted The Tidal Model; a mental health recovery model where the main focus is on helping individual people, make their own voyage of discovery.

The Tidal Model focuses on the continuous process of change inherent in all people. It seeks to reveal the meaning of people's experiences, emphasising the importance of their own voice and wisdom. It aims to empower people to lead their own recovery rather than being directed by professionals.

At Care Assist we emphasize on effective engagement at the centre of our work. Each person we support is placed on a program of support and provided with a Well-being diary.
We actively work with the individual to develop a pathway to recovery. Our premise is:

  • that recovery is possible
  • that change is inevitable
  • nothing lasts
  • that ultimately, people know what is best for them that the person possesses all the resources they need to begin the recovery journey
  • that the person is the teacher and the Support workers are the pupils
  • Personal furniture and effects are welcome
  • Local shops
  • that the Support worker needs to be creatively curious, to learn what needs to be done to help the person

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