Support for you at home

What is it for?

Support for you at Home is available to people who have experienced mental health problems and who require support to maintain (or establish) their independence and a fulfilling place in the community.

Support is not tied to any particular tenancy or accommodation but the service user must reside within the borough of Harrow. Up to 2 years support is available to each service user, with the aim of meeting clearly identified goals within this timeframe.

Eligibility Criteria

Each service user:

Must be resident in Harrow

Must have some primary form of mental health problem

Must be over 18 and will usually be under 65

Must be capable of living independently in the community (providing suitable support is made available)v Must have needs consistent with Recovery Star Outcomes (i.e. Achieving economic well-being, enjoying and achieving, Being healthy, staying safe, making a positive contribution)

Must be willing to engage with the service and with the support offered.

Exclusion Criteria

An individual may be refused a service if:

They have a history of violence, arson, drug or alcohol misuse and/or there is a perceived risk to the health and safety of support workers

The type or degree of required intervention is assessed as being incompatible with the funding criteria, skills or capacity of the service.

Assesments and allocations

There is a simple referral form to access the service. This can be supplied on request. Referrals can come from any source, including self-referrals.

Referrals are discussed on a weekly basis at the manager/senior staff meeting. They are prioritised on the basis of presenting needs and the current capacity of the service. If no other factors are relevant then referrals are dealt with in chronological order. Care assist reserves the right to prioritise existing users of its other services.

Download our Support For You At Home booklets (pdf format)

Support For You At Home - Mental Health Outreach Services - Criteria

Support For You At Home - Mental Health Outreach Services

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