Care Assist Limited was established in 2006 and has developed a support programme that is unique.

Unlike most of our counterparts we focus on younger adults, specialising in Mental Health andYoung Onset Dementia through our care homes, supported living locations and home care services.

Our care programmes are at the forefront of healthcare standards and processes for successful treatment of Mental Health issues such as Bipolar (Manic Depression), Drug Dependence, Eating Disorders and Substance Abuse. Our top quality care homes and supported living locations provide comfortable, safe and secure environments within which the people we support can live with us on their pathway to recovery.
The locations are equally as suitable for people suffering from Young Onset Dementia, than a care or nursing home that caters for people in their twilight years.

"The needs of younger people with dementia and their friends and family are not just related to age. Younger people may have different concerns and interests to older people. A service set up for people of a different generation, where activities are planned for older people who are less physically active." Alzheimer's UK.

The quality of our services is an attraction that privately funded clients find appealing, and we also support, and work alongside most London Boroughs in the provision of Mental Health Support.

Park Drive resident

I like it at Park Drive because they encourage you. They are always positive and use positive words. They respect you and treat you like adults not like children. They help me to reason and come up with rational answers or outcomes. I think they are good friends.

Kings Road resident

Kings Road resident

I really enjoy living here in Kings Road.
The staff have been providing good support and encouraging me to work on my hygiene, cooking and finances and shopping. I have also been encouraged to take part in meaningful activities outside of the service.

Hamilton Road resident

Hamilton Road resident

When I moved in I was a very quiet individual and lacked self esteem and confidence. I did not talk to anyone, not even staff as I was not sure if they could be trusted. I used to isolate myself in my flat.Now my confidence has improved I am able to participate in activities, speak to other tenants and have a laugh with the staff.

Lynton Road resident

I enjoy living at Lynton Road as I feel safe!
I like the staff nere because they support me.
I have freedom of choice and a very nice bedroom.
I get on well with all other residents.
I can visit my family and enjoy going to the cinema.

Birju Patel Statwick Pharmacy

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I would like to praise the services Care Assist Kings Road delivers to its residents. I have been providing the pharmaceutical service to the residents over the past two years and have received a very professional service from the employers. They have shown a great interest in the training provided on medication administration and are always willing to learn.